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Always leave people, places, and things better than I found them

35+ Years of Design, Production and Leadership Experience

Jake More has an illustrious career spanning more than three decades, demonstrating leadership, creativity, and technical prowess in diverse fields. As the Chief Operating Officer of The Dolphin Method, a global training organization, he steered operations across 11 countries, orchestrating everything from contract negotiations to producing educational materials in multiple languages. Before that, as Co-Owner of Creativity Central, Jake revitalized corporate thinking through innovative and challenging workshops, and as a Designer with Meyer/Glass Design, he contributed to groundbreaking toy and game concepts. At Meyer Glass Interactive, his contributions significantly elevated the user experience of computer games. These roles, accompanied by pivotal stints in IT, web design, and textbook publishing, highlight his multifaceted expertise.

Throughout his journey, Jake has spearheaded large-scale brainstorming sessions, played a central role in the development of top-selling products, and crafted influential promotional materials. His skills are a blend of problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and technological adaptability, underscored by proficiency in industry-standard tools and methods. Beyond his professional engagements, Jake’s commitment to community shines through his diverse volunteer roles and associations with numerous notable clients and causes. He’s also an accomplished musician and a proud graduate of Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living.



Chief Operating Officer | The Dolphin Method | 2007-2023
A global and online prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, doula, and hypnosis training organization.
  • Oversaw the day-to-day operations for global prenatal yoga trainings in 11 countries.
  • Championed contract negotiations, sales, budgeting, logistics, and online course creation.
  • Produced and self-published 3 DVDs, 1 book, and several complex online course.
  • Spearheaded the production of a library teaching materials in four languages, ensuring seamless instruction to thousands of students across the globe.

Co-Owner | Creativity Central, Chicago | 2004-2007
A consulting firm specializing in helping organizations integrate creative thinking into their business strategies.

  • Provided consultancy to rejuvenate corporate workspaces.
  • Planned and presented transformative workshops and engaging brainstorming sessions.
  • Instrumental in the conceptualization and commercial success of innovative products.

Designer | Meyer/Glass Design, Chicago | 1998-2003
Premier toy and game invention firm.

  • Devised groundbreaking design concepts for toys and games.
  • Conducted in-depth market research to identify industry trends and opportunities.
  • Orchestrated commercials, optimizing focus group feedback and client presentations.

Senior Graphic Designer | Meyer Glass Interactive, Chicago | 1997-1999
Computer game production house.

  • Crafted a dynamic design for “Axis & Allies,” enhancing user experience.
  • Fostered collaboration between the design team and software engineers.


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Jake More

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